EntoNutra provides a sustainable alternative to the consumption of foods rich in protein for pets and humans.
Our target market is high protein foods such as protein supplements, meat substitutes, flours and premixes, pet and fish (such as salmon and tuna) food.
Therefore, our target market is very broad from the final consumer and their pets, as well as input for production companies and mass consumption.
We are a B2B and B2C company.

Three basic pillars

crickets food

Low production cost

A simple solution implies low costs, we do not need large infrastructures or high technology to produce high-quality products.

We feed our insects with what others consider waste, such as fruit peels, vegetable stems, or broken seeds. We need little water and simple processes to generate a large amount of protein.

Nature is wise, we just have to give it time and the results come.


crickets food
Insect farmer

Local farmer network

The project will generate the possibility of incorporating personnel from different regions as production increases. An outsourcing scheme will be generated for part of the production with small producers to generate a local farmers network to increase income through insect farming.

Small Farmers have problems with water, space, and seasonality. Insect farming provides a viable alternative to generate additional income and take advantage of available resources.

Insect farmer
sustainable cricket farm

Sustainable & Circular Solutions

Protein from insects can have a strong impact on the diet of the future, being one of the most sustainable options today. The scarce availability of land and drinking water, in addition to the contribution to climate change of intensive livestock farming, cannot be considered an option in modern society. 

Our farms use solar energy and the resources available in each region and season, in addition to using the greatest amount of resources for circular processes. A great example of this is the use of cricket waste as organic soil improver.

sustainable cricket farm

our experience

Insect farmers

We grow all our insects in our own farms or in certified partners. We take care of them from the moment they are born until they become flour. Constant laboratory analyzes are carried out to verify the nutritional characteristics of the product.

reseach and development

We are in constant searching of new products related to sustainability and circular solutions.
Our process and procedures are constantly improving to generate high-quality products at low cost

Diferent backgrounds

With a wide range of backgrounds in areas such as business, law, finance, engineering, research, healthcare and retail, our team is well-suited to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry.

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