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We are a company dedicated to the production of alternative protein products for human and animal consumption.

Our objective is to expand the philosophy of eating insects to the world.

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Three basic pillars

Low production cost

A simple solution implies low costs, we do not need large infrastructures or high technology to produce high-quality products.

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Local farmer network

EntoNutra will generate the possibility of incorporating personnel from different regions as production increases. 

An outsourcing scheme will be generated for part of the production with small producers to generate a local farmers network to increase income through insect farming.

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Sustainable & Circular Solutions

Protein from insects can have a strong impact on the diet of the future, being one of the most sustainable options today.  

The scarce availability of land and drinking water, in addition to the contribution to climate change of intensive livestock farming, cannot be considered an option in modern society. 

Circular solutions where everything is used to the full potential of the products is the option for a brighter future.

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Our Products

We produce High Protein Insect Flour that can be used for a wide variety of preparations for human and animal consumption.

As a result or our circular production cycle, can also produce 100% Organic Soil Improver.

The nutritional needs of humanity grow year by year. The best way to combat child malnutrition and hunger in general is to find alternative sources of protein. Additionally, climate change is a growing problem, and sustainable food sources contribute to combating it, undoubtedly becoming a priority. Undoubtedly, the execution of this type of project should and will be a priority for all the nations of the world as mentioned in the sustainability goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

“A simple solution to global food problems.”

We believe that a circular company with a low cost production and a strong small farmer network is the answer to the future of food industry, hence we focus especially on sustainable practices and high quality product development.
Pablo Olivero

Pablo Olivero (CEO & Co-founder)

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